Get 75% in 75 Days*

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* Note: 75% is guaranteed to qualifying estates. 75 days is a realistic estimate for estates where the death was at least 2 years ago, but can vary based on demand for specific properties and real estate market conditions, in general.

Did you inherit real estate?

house on a lot

Has no probate been done?

Are there unpaid property taxes?

Are there unpaid mortgage payments?

Are there unpaid association fees?

No Probate

can't sell, bad title

No Probate = No Insurable Title

Without a probate, title insurance companies won’t issue a policy, and most buyers won’t buy.

Unpaid Taxes

property taxes

When property taxes go unpaid, interest and fees add up. The longer the taxes go unpaid, the harder it is for the heirs to get anything for the property.

Unpaid Mortgages


When mortgages go unpaid, interest rates jump, and late charges, attorney fees, and foreclosure costs can eat away at any equity left in the property, most of the time, leaving the heirs with nothing.

Unpaid Association Fees


Homeowner and condo association are notorious for charging high fees for late payments. Some of them will also foreclose quite quickly, adding court costs, and expensive attorney fees. Often, the heirs get nothing afterwards.

Property Auctions

house auction

Eventually, if the taxes, mortgage, or HOA payments aren’t made, the property will be put up for auction. Whether you lose your inherited real estate at a tax auction, a foreclosure auction, or an HOA auction, odds are you won’t get much, if anything.

Would you like to cash out?

Maybe you:

  • Don’t want to spend the money for a probate; and
  • Don’t want to go through all the bother.

We Have Just the Solution for You

We will:

  • Handle the entire estate,
  • Pay all the upfront costs,
  • Sell the property, usually within 75 days, and
  • Give you 75% of the sales price at closing.
  • More details below.
Your interest is fully protected and recorded in the county real estate records.

Costs Included

Here are the costs we cover, as applicable, from our share, and what they typically cost:

FeesTypical Costs
Probate court filing fees$400
Probate administration fees3-6%
Probate bond fees0.5-0.8%
Legal fees$3000-6000
Accounting fees$500
Process service fees$75 each
Legal advertising fees$100-200
Official document fees$25-100
Document certification fees$25
Family tree verification fees$100-500
Real estate commissions6%
Real estate closing fees$600
Document preparation fees$50
Real estate recording fees$25-50
Real estate document stamp taxes0.7%
Title search fees$200-300
Title insurance fees0.5%
Notary fees$50-300
Bank wire fees$25-50
Express delivery fees$25-100
Printing costs$25-50
Document copying costs$25-50


Let’s add up these typical costs for an inherited home worth $100,000, using only the lowest estimates from above. Your actual costs could vary.

CostsCost on $100K Property
Probate court filing fees$400
Probate administration fees$3000
Probate bond fee$500
Legal fees$3000
Accounting fees$500
Process service fees$75
Legal advertising fees$100
Official document fees$25
Document certification fees$25
Family tree verification fees$100
Real estate commissions$6,000
Real estate closing fees$600
Document preparation fees$50
Real estate recording fees$25
Real estate document stamp taxes$700
Title search fees$200
Title insurance fees$500
Notary fees$50
Bank wire fees$25
Express delivery fees$25
Printing costs$25
Document copying costs$25

You could do this all yourself and maybe save a few dollars, but you’d have to:

  • Pay many of these fees up front;
  • Find, interview, and hire the professionals for each role;
  • Manage every step;
  • Perhaps, appear in court; and
  • Hope you did it all right.

Your Interest Is Secured

Your interest in the property will be recorded in the county clerk’s office with the official real estate records. When the property is sold, the closing agent will have to pay you your 75% in order to give the buyer good title.

Let Us Do This For You

We specialize in buying and selling inherited real estate which hasn’t been probated. We probate estates efficiently, sell the real estate quickly and at good prices, and handle every little detail in the process.

We love getting families money quickly for their inherited real estate. You get your money fast and easy.

What We Don’t Pay From Our Share

We don’t pay the debts of the estate, or any taxes, mortgages, or liens on the property. Those would have to be paid out of the closing from your share. For most estates, we can usually get a good idea of what the debts are before we start.

We don’t pay for any repairs or maintenance of the property. In most cases, this won’t be much, if anything. We usually sell these kinds of properties AS IS.

Not a Loan

Nothing to repay.

No Will Required

No probate required.

No court appearance required.